How much does an SEO Specialist earn ?

SEO Specialist

Wat verdient een seo specialist ?

Salary search in 2023

SEO Specialist earnings depend on his skills, experience, and his negotiation skills. Beginners can earn anywhere from 3000 euros to 4000 euros. A senior SEO Specialist can easily earn between 4000 to 6000 euros. A Head of SEO or an SEO specialist managing a team can earn between 6500 euros to 8500 euros.

The good news is that salaries of SEO specialists are increasing significantly because search engine ads are getting expensive and organizations can see cost savings and more ROI from organic growth compared to ad spending.

Let’s talk about the below topics to create a detailed understanding of how much SEO specialists can earn. You will have some highly valuable insights required to make an informed decision after reading this article. Enjoy!

  • 1- Hourly rate for SEO Specialist
  • 2- Average earned salaries
  • 3- Highest earned salaries
  • 4- Companies paying the highest salaries
  • 5- SEO Specialist salary negotiations
  • 6- Increasing earnings

What is the hourly rate of an SEO Specialist?

SEO specialist hourly rate varies between 80 to 160 Euros per hour. It can be fairly expensive up to 300 Euros per hour. Monthly retainers can be anywhere around 2000 Euros. SEO specialists demanding higher hourly rates consider their experience and the difficulty of the job being offered.

Hourly rate for Freelance SEO on popular talent pooling platforms can start from 20 – 45 Euros per hour

SEO Specialists can earn an average salary of around 4500 euros. Here is a breakdown of the average SEO Specialist salary per city in the Netherlands

CitySalary per month
The Hague€4500

What is the highest SEO specialist salary?

SEO specialist salary can be as high as € 120000 annually. Salaries of SEO specialists also vary based on the company type and expectations.

 A website like or Zalando has significant traffic coming organically and can pay high salaries because their business is dependent on the traffic from search engines. Similarly, a digital marketing agency with multiple SEO clients might need an SEO specialist to deliver results for its already paying clients. In contrast to that, companies who are not dependent on organic search results might be willing to pay less because SEO is not the core of their business but part of their business operations. Also, companies competing in the international market are willing to pay more than the companies with local operations only.

Let’s look at different SEO Specialist roles, responsibilities, and their average salaries

Title ResponsibilityAverage Salary
Junior SEO Specialist 2 years of experience with sufficient knowledge in keyword research, SEO audits, and backlink creation€ 4000
Intermediate SEO Specialist4 years of experience with expertise in competitive analysis, keyword and backlink gap analysis, technical optimization, etc.€ 6000
Senior SEO Specialist6 to 8 years of experience in creating SEO strategies, SEO tests, setting up events, and tracking€ 8000

Which companies pay the most salary in the Netherlands

It really depends on your SEO skills and available options for a company. Also sometimes the benefits also weigh in along with salary. Below are some of the dutch employers who are considered good paymasters

  • IBM
  • Cognizant 
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Amazon 
  • Cisco
  • Google 
  • Capgemini
  • Dell 
  • Salesforce
  • Philips
  • Coolblue
  • Unilever

How can an SEO specialist increase the salary?

An SEO specialist can get his salary increased by working on his skill set. You have to develop future skill sets for example ability to script and work on large data sets. Being well versed with Python or any suitable programming language to connect with APIs or even create customized tools for which standard tools like Semrush or AHREF don’t provide a solution.

Advance keyword analysis to create a road map targeting terms. Ability to write SEO-optimized content. Establishing yourself as a thought leader on SEO and keeping yourself updated with the latest trends and google algorithm updates are a few things that are considered when hiring SEO specialists at a higher salary bracket. The ability to create, manage and train an SEO team is also something that can really add value to your expertise and skills.

The demand for SEO is increasing every day and earnings for SEO Specialist will continue to be exponential in the years 2022 and 2023

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