What does an SEO Specialist do ?

SEO Specialist

An SEO specialist organically increases website traffic by achieving high-ranking placements against relevant keywords being searched on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and BING

Getting ranked organically is not easy because search engines consider hundreds of ranking factors in order to rank against a particular query. These ranking factors can be technical, content-related, and even not directly attributable to your website (off-page optimizations)

An SEO specialist makes sure that all factors that influence a search engine’s ranking are being taken into consideration when publishing a website and its pages.

Showing ads on high-ranking placements costs money and the bid amount is getting expensive each day. SEO Specialists optimize your website strategically to rank you on thousands and thousands of keywords. It is almost impossible to show against all available keywords by bidding to appear.

An SEO specialist can get you ranked against these keywords and generate online sales, increase brand awareness or even promote different products/services. Any online marketing team is incomplete without an experienced and knowledgeable SEO Specialist

Let’s look in detail at what an SEO specialist does and what is expected from him.

  1. Indexability and Accessibility 
  2. Audits
  3. Keywords and Meta Optimization
  4. Competitive analysis
  5. Strategy and Planning 
  6. Collaboration, Coordination, and Communication
  7. Content writing 
  8. Tracking
  9. SEO tools
  10. Reporting
  11. Research and analysis
  12. Local and international SEO
  13. News and Google Algorithm updates

SEO Specialist is responsible for website indexing and ensuring accessibility 

  1. Ensure crawl budget is utilized wisely and only pages planned to be shown are indexed.
  2. Optimize website sitemap, navigation, robots.txt, schema markup, and breadcrumbs for desired SEO results.
  3. Investigate indexed pages and review any directives that are preventing

Perform Regular SEO Audits for technical and non-technical issues

  1. Performs SEO Audits using Screaming Frog or other tools like SEMRush and Ahref
  2. SEO experts perform technical audits for page experience and speed issues
  3. Regular content audits and identifies issues like thin content, plagiarism, cannibalization, the intent of content, etc.

Optimize Keywords and Meta

  1. Target keywords with plans to increase rankings keywords database month over month and identify new keywords to target
  2. Write meta titles, descriptions, and H1 with targeted keywords and alt tags

Analyze Competition and benchmark

  1. Competitive analysis for similar websites performing in different locations, look for overlapping keywords, backlinks, etc.
  2. Auditing backlink profiles of competitor’s websites

Develop SEO Strategy and Plans

  1. Devise Long term, mid-term and short terms SEO strategies and plans to achieve and meet targets set by stakeholders and leadership
  2. Identify unique opportunities for SEO growth

Collaborate, Coordinate, and Communicate

  1. Collaborate and communicate effectively with front-end developers and translate SEO issues related to redirects, URL structure, core web virals CLS, LCP, FID
  2. Collaborate and communicate with UI and graphic designers to make sure that SEO factors like user experience, and relevant and compressed images are being considered
  3. Collaborate and coordinate with content writers to publish content that is optimized for SEO and provides excellent value for the reader

Write SEO Optimized Content

  1. SEO specialists should write SEO-optimized content and review content for structure, keywords optimization, and content value
  2. Write content optimized for SERP features

Setup Tracking

  1. SEO specialists should ensure that proper tracking is in place and set up all relevant information gathering tools like search console, and analytics properly set up using Google tag manager.
  2. Track all relevant events like execution of the call to action, lead generation, outbound link clicks, and form submissions

Expert in using SEO tools

  1. SEO Specialist should be highly proficient in Google search console, Analytics, and Google tag manager
  2. Well-versed with other SEO tools like SEM Rush, Ahref, Screaming frog, Majestic, SEO Yoast, and Mathranks


  1. Generate Monthly SEO reports accurately using Google data studio, excel, or other relevant tools
  2. Regularly report traffic, clicks, Impressions, and conversions

Doing Research and analysis

  1. Set up AB testing and experiments to track how search engines behave and respond to different optimization and algorithm updates

Local and international SEO

  1. Set up local search engine optimization plans and also plan for international SEO 
  2. Optimize website for location and language targeting using HTML, HTTP Headers, and Sitemaps

News and Google Algorithm updates

  1. Get regular updates on the latest SEO trends and news.
  2. Review Google updates and their impact on websites in different niches

SEO Specialist Roles and Responsbilities

SEO specialist’s responsibilities and work also depend on his job function, role, and organization type in which he works. Let’s look at different roles to understand and see what SEO specialists do in their respective position

What does an SEO manager do?

Manage their own team of analysts, link builders, content writers, and developers to increase organic growth and traffic of their websites. 
Meet stakeholder expectations and ensure the team’s performance is justified. Ensure that all team members are working collectively to achieve desired organic goals

What does an SEO agency do?

SEO Agency manages SEO for multiple websites and clients. Provide SEO recommendations, on-page optimizations, off-page optimizations, and improvements to other technical aspects of a website.  
Do all SEO optimization work from audit to implementation depending on the contract awarded or assist and guide existing team members to get these optimizations done 
Manage link-building activities and get high-quality backlinks from websites with good domain authority and quality

What does an SEO copywriter do?

An SEO copywriter is responsible for writing SEO-optimized content. Use primary and secondary keywords in the content naturally and target keywords appropriately where necessary without stuffing. 
Optimize content for keyword density, write compelling titles, heading (h1, h2 and etc..) meta titles, meta description, and alt tags
Write valuable content and optimize content to easily ranks on targeted keywords

SEO Specialists play an important and vital role in the digital marketing endeavors of any company looking to increase its digital footprint. Ecommerce, B2B, B2C, SaaS, or other business models depend highly on an SEO specialist’s role and performance. SEO Specialist job role and what is expected from him is expanding with the demand of this ever-growing role

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